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Amphissa olives with herbs, pitted, oiled

Firm, juicy fruit pulp, harmonious aroma and a large, round size characterize the green olives of the 'Amphissa' variety. Our olives mature under the Greek sun and are manually harvested. Since the olives are processed carefully without any heating, they maintain their high-quality raw food quality. The olives are not pickled, neither in brine nor oil. Only a light marinade made with best olive oil extra virgin and Mediterranean herbs rounds off the natural olive flavor.
olives* (98,00%) (olives*, sea salt, wine vinegar*), olive oil extra virgin*, basil*, parsley*, thyme*, oregano *, rosemary*
* = Ingrédients issus de l’agriculture biologique
** = Ingrédients issus de l’agriculture bio-dynamique

Use for salads, on the antipasti plate, in Mediterranean dishes or simply as snack.

Infos supplémentaires

The Amphissa olives are harvested. For debittering they are pickled for several month in brine made of sea salt, water and wine vinegar. Next, they are pitted and refined with extra virgin olive oil and Mediterranean herbs. Finally, the olives are filled into jars.

Produced in

Country of origin
greek agriculture

Origin of the main ingredients

Storage advice
After opening store jar in a cool place and use up as soon as possible

Legal name of the food product
Amphissa olives with herbs, pitted and oiled

Nutritional values

referred to 100g

Calorific value 547 kJ / 133 kcal
Fat 13,00 g
of which saturates 2,10 g
Carbohydrates 1,3 g
Sugar 0,5 g
Dietary fiber 3,8 g
Protein 0,80 g
Salt 3,800 g


Oeufs et produits à base d'oeufs   not contained
Arachides et produits à base d'arachides   not contained
Poisson et produits à base de poissons   not contained
Céréales contenant du gluten
et produits à base de ces céréales
  not contained
Crustacés et produits à base de crustacés   not contained
Lait et produits à base de lait
y compris de lactose
  not contained
Lupin et produits à base de lupin   not contained
Fruits à coque
et produits à base de ces fruits
  not contained
Céleri et produits à base de céleri   not contained
Moutarde et produits à base de moutarde   not contained
Graines de Sésame
et produits à base de graines de sésame
  not contained
Soja et produits à base de soja   not contained
Dioxyde de soufre et sulfites
>10 mg/Kg ou 10 mg/L
Mollusques et produits à base de mollusques   not contained

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