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Apricot easter eggs


Cut the apricots into small pieces. Then mix with almond flour and 60 g honey-marzipan with the food processor, then knead into a smooth dough. Shape the dough into rolls and cut 20-25 pieces. Cut 40 g honey marzipan into the same number of pieces and roll into small balls.

Flatten the apricot balls, fill them with marzipan balls and shape them into an Easter egg. Heat the white couverture in a water bath and then coat the Easter eggs with the liquid couverture or dip in the couverture. Drain and place on baking paper until the chocolate coating has set. If you like it colorful, stir the desired food color into the melted cocoa butter. Let stand for a few minutes, then stir in the chocolate coating. Cover the Easter eggs with colored chocolate coating.

Tip: This candy tastes not only at Easter, but all around the year!


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