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Fried potatoe patty on fresh summer salad with cream cheese dip


Mix potatoes and onions. Mix also eggs, spelt flour, salt, pepper and parsley carefully with the potato mixture.

Heat frying-oil in a coated pan. For fried potato patty, add a little 2 tbsp of the potato mass and brush it flat. After a little 4-5 minutes (if the edges are slightly tanned) turn and finish roast. Keep warm on a plate in the preheated oven.

For the vinaigrette: Mix the salt and pepper with the vinegar, add the mustard and stir briefly. Now pour the droplets of hazelnut or walnut oil under constant stirring.

Put the summer salad on a plate, add two to three potato pancakes and sprinkle with the vinaigrette. Garnish with the chopped hazelnuts.

For the dip: creamy stir the cream cheese with yogurt. Add all ingredients and taste.


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