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Raspberry crumb cake


Mix whole wheat flour, salt, cinnamon and vanilla powder in a mixing bowl. Add the apricot syrup and margarine and mix with the fork to a dough. Grease the tart tin and press 4/5 of the dough up to the edge.

To make the filling: first puree the tofu with 120 ml water and custard powder in a blender. Stir in raspberry jam. If using frozen raspberries, allow to thaw for about 30 min. (no more, otherwise they are too liquid). Spread the raspberry cream in the form on the dough and sprinkle raspberries over it. Place remaining dough as crumble on the cake.

Bake at 180 ° C top / bottom heat for about 40 min. Let cool for at least 45 min. before cutting.

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