Environmental declaration and EMAS-certificate

"Voluntary commitment": the EU Eco audit for environmental protection and sustainability in the company

Environmental declaration:
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Rapunzel Naturkost has been certified pursuant to the EMAS environmental management scheme since December 31, 2016. The EU eco audit is a "voluntary commitment" for environmental protection and sustainability in companies. The certification is based on an extensive environmental declaration and report.  
"You observe not only the standards, but surpass these standards by far", declared Hermann Kerler, Vice President of the Swabia Chamber of Industry and Commerce during the presentation of the EMAS certificate to the Rapunzel management. 

"For us, Rapunzel is a lighthouse that radiates far beyond Swabia all the way throughout Germany" Hermann Kerler continued.
Ecology and sustainability have been important to the company founders Joseph Wilhelm and Jennifer Vermeulen right from the beginnung. For that reason, Rapunzel has always promoted proprietary ecological standards, guidelines and regulations. In 1996, we established our environmental management system. In the same year, Rapunzel was certified for the first time pursuant to the EU eco audit directive. 

Validation through independent evaluation

EMAS (Eco-Management and Audit Scheme) is also such an initiative. The environmental management system supports organizations and companies to continually improve their environmental performance beyond legal requirements.

The EMAS certification also includes an environmental declaration that is certified by an independent expert. In our environmental declaration we present all our environmentally relevant activites, we describe our environmental performance, publish ecologial goals and data such as emissions and energy consumption. An independent expert made an on-site visit, examined our production premises and interviewed employees. 

Simultaneous ISO 14001 certification

The EMAS certification confirms that Rapunzel complies with all environmental laws and regulations as well as the requirements of the EMAS directive. In addition, Rapunzel also received the certification pursuant to the ISO 14001 environmental standard.  

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