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#10 Fair value

Planting trees
instead of clearing them.

For us, FAIR and ECOLOGICAL ACTION also means PREVENTING slash-and-burn and clearing of primary and secondary forests. The key to this, in addition to legal bans, are sensible alternatives for farmers in tropical areas. SUSTAINABLE PALM CULTIVATION, AGROFOREST PROJECTS with different crops as well as long-term purchase guarantees ensure adequate VALUE CREATION for the farmers.
With the HAND IN HAND program, Rapunzel also supports training and projects that raise awareness for ecological issues. At the same time, we plant trees and support tree planting projects. After all, the reforestation of cleared areas or forests that were destroyed by fire is an important measure for climate protection beyond the preservation of biodiversity.
As an example, Rapunzel supports regional reforestation projects in Turkey: For every container or truck delivered from there, we plant a tree. Regionally, we support the initiative "Bergwaldprojekt" that preserves, protects and maintains the local mountain forest in Bavaria. In 2020, 2,370 bird-cherry trees and sycamores were planted in the Kempten Forest.

Fair trade and organic farming are central for Rapunzel

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