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#11 Fair value

We live climate protection.

For Rapunzel, the cultivation and production of organic food also includes the careful use of energy and resources. That is why our production in Legau is sustainable in every respect: The production processes are resource-conserving, energy is reused through heat recovery and recirculation, heat is generated with our own biomass and combined heat and power plant.

We obtain 100% of our electricity from renewable sources, and generate 65% of it ourselves: All our roof surfaces are equipped with solar modules. And we are 100 % independent of petroleum.

Our logistic processes are also green: Our raw materials are transported in the most efficient and therefore most sustainable way, namely by ship. Nevertheless, we are constantly optimizing our logistics to find the most sustainable solution.

When it comes to our product packagings, the rule is: AS PROTECTIVE AS NECESSARY, AS LITTLE PACKAGING AS POSSIBLE. That's why we are constantly examining and testing new, more environmentally-friendly packaging materials made from paper and films from renewable materials or films that are easy to recycle.
From raw material to the finished product, we go hand in hand with climate and nature. Because as a company, we are actively working towards climate neutrality.

Fair trade and organic farming are central for Rapunzel

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