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#9 Fair value

Protection of organic,
natural diversity.

Protecting nature - that has always been close to our hearts. Therefore, we are committed to preserving the organic and natural diversity of varieties. This also means promoting old, seedfast varieties and developing new organic seeds.
Traditional breeding is costly and usually takes several years. Therefore, we can only make progress with the breeding of organic and thus more robust seed varieties for organic agriculture if other organic producers also support organic breeders - financially, but also in the form of joint projects.

Rapunzel cooperates, for example, with the organic seed company Sativa in Switzerland. The beginning of the cooperation was the multiplication of organic seeds for the linseed variety "Blue Wonder". Together with Sativa, we developed "Mauro Rosso," a freely available tomato variety that is tasty and meets the criteria of organic agriculture.
Rapunzel is also part of a breeding initiative of several ORGANIC COMPANIES who develop an ORGANIC HIGH OLEIC SUNFLOWER VARIETY. Only with adequate sales can dedicated farmers cultivate more DIVERSITY ON THE FIELD. Whether LENTILS, BEANS, PEAS, LINSEED "BLUE WONDER" or EMMER PASTA: all these products help to preserve crop diversity.

For us, this is motivation to maintain SPECIES DIVERSITY both through the SUPPORT OF ORGANIC SEED BREEDERS as well as through an appropriate product selection. Because: without organic seeds there will be no organic agriculture in the long run.


Fair trade and organic farming are central for Rapunzel

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