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Fair Values
Our love declaration
to the world
Something as unique as our world should not be sold below value. Food must be valued, ecosystems must be protected, and people must be paid fairly. Because the world is not a rummage sale. That's why we redefine fairness and stand not only for transparent, complete supply chains, but also for adequate value creation for all the people involved in the production process. FAIR VALUE - because we believe that fairness really is worth more.

Our vision

This goes out to all fairness crazies.
To all environmentalists,
sustainability campaigners and organic fans.

To all those who say cheap, but mean fair. To all those who don't think about saving money but about humanity when it comes to humane prices. To all those for whom fair food can hardly be fair enough.
For you, we redefine fairness. Because we also believe in a better world. A world that is fair for everyone. A world where equality reigns. A world filled with well-being. With a thriving biodiversity. That's why we take responsibility. That’s why we have invented one of the strictest fair-trade labels in the world and work HAND IN HAND with our suppliers. That’s why we pay them above-average fair prices. And actively improve their living conditions.

Since 1974.

We focus on people and nature - not on profit. We make organics with love and out of charity. And because we believe that fairness really is worth more, our added value is called FAIR VALUE.
That is our vision.
Our claim. 
Our promise.

And you can be part of it.

Because every single day, we vote about what kind of world we want to live in. With our actions. Our purchasing decisions. And only together can the vision of a fair world become reality.
15 Fair Values

FAIR VALUE - because we believe that fairness really is worth more.


Fair trade and organic farming are central for Rapunzel

Foreign Distributors

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