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Organic-Fair Farming HAND IN HAND-Fund HAND IN HAND-FUND Overview

HAND IN HAND fund – funded projects 2016

Rapunzel supports the HAND IN HAND fund with annual donations. The HAND IN HAND fund is administered by the German Environmental Aid (DUH) and Rapunzel. 

In 2016, we funded 47 projects with a total sum of 229,279 €.
Our HAND IN HAND partners also received support from the HAND IN HAND fund. 

Funded projects 2016

Project Country Description Funding amount
Schulwälder für Westafrika e.V. Ghana Installation of forests and gardesn 5,000 EUR
OTEPIC Kenia Tree planting project with children and adolescents for the expansion of an eco village 5,000 EUR
ASPAB Senegal Construction of a training center for sustainable agriculture 5,000 EUR
Wunschträume - Netzwerk für Mädchen und Frauenprojekte e.V. Burkina Faso Creation of job possibilities for women with manufacturing of Karité butter 5,000 EUR
Nagenahiru Stiftung Sri Lanka Support for sustainable cinnamon cultivation 5,000 EUR
SEKEM Egypt Tree panting project at the Minya desert farm 5,000 EUR
ACTNGONO Tanzania Construction of toilet facilities for the school 4,000 EUR
Infinite Compassion e.V. Nepal Installation of water pipelines 5,000 EUR
GNF Paraguay Support for sustainable Mate cultivation 5,000 EUR
ZIDOFA Philipinnes Support for organic rice cultivation for smallholder peasants  5,000 EUR
LAST Costa Rica Protection of sea turtles with inclusion of local population 5,000 EUR
afrisolar e.V. Tanzania Repair of solar power plant 4,500 EUR
CReNIEO India Establishing a mangrove tree nursery and implementation of environmental training measures 5,000 EUR
CReNIEO India Support for organic millet cultivation 5,000 EUR
Oro Verde Indonesia Rainforest protection 3,000 EUR
SEKEM Egypt Food production workshops for women 5,000 EUR
Puente Nica Nicaragua School on wheels - furnishment of a book bus 2,000 EUR
inner vision e.V. Tanzania Establishment of a sustainable economic branch with bee-keeping 2,300 EUR
Green Household Initiatives Kenia Improvement of sanitary and hygenic facilities at elementary schools 4,800 EUR
afrisolar e.V. Tanzania Expansion and modernization pf village hospital 6,000 EUR
Life Giving Forest e.V. Philippines Photovoltaic plant for carpentry 5,000 EUR
AGA e.V. Kenia Environmental education on the edge of the Tsavo East National Park, elephant protecction 5,000 EUR
FIDES Ecuador Earthquake emergency help 10,000 EUR
Turtle Foundation Indonesia Establishment of a new business office 4,300 EUR
Turtle Foundation Cap Verde Environmental training and protection of sea turtles 4,000 EUR
AVOH Burkina Faso Emergency aid for mango dryers, Bobo-Dioulasso 5,000 EUR
Hekima Tanzania Earthquake emergeny help, Hekima Girls' Secondary School 20,000 EUR
Sencab e.V.  Ghana Support of women in organic cultivation 790 EUR
Log-Ikwo-Nachhaltig-in-Kamerun e.V.  Cameroon Solar water pump for the village of Botbea 5,000 EUR
End Poverty - Indien India Fruit trees for peasants in the Alwar District 3,000 EUR
Kisanga e.V.  Congo Improvement of living conditions in a social center in Kisanga 5,000 EUR
Stiftung Solarenergie Uganda Solar village Nandere 5,000 EUR
ADER Ivory Coast Irrigated agricultural cultivationas source of income for women in Benomba 5,000 EUR
H. Looschelders Stiftung Philippines Construction of biogas plant, purchase of a generator for subsistence agriculture, Bucas Grande 5,000 EUR
H. Looschelders Stiftung El Salvador Self-help and subsistence structures for "BioAmigo" farmers 2,000 EUR
Infinite Compassion e.V.  Tibet Construction of a schoolbuilding in Khango 5,000 EUR
Love for Life e.V.  Ecuador Solar project IMAGINE LIGHT, Amazonas 5,000 EUR
Where Rainbows Meet South Africa Training classes for young, single moms (Teen Parenting Programme), Cape Town 2,650 EUR
Sencab e.V.  Ghana Organic palm kernel oil recovery - training of female workers, Akutuase 620 EUR
Naturefund e.V. Madagascar Ankafobe, a forest at the abyss - afforestation with dynamic agroforest system 5,000 EUR
Lebendiges Dorf Kamerun e.V.  Cameroon Installation of drinking water well for district town Mengueme 5,000 EUR
Notre Soleil Suisse Burkina Faso Installation of a medicinal herb garden, Bobo Dioulasso 5,000 EUR
IDEP Foundation Indonesia Wester Bali agroforest project 4,980 EUR
Weltweit e.v.  Tanzania Conservation of coastal forest, Kibaha 5,000 EUR
Sri Chaitanya Seva Trust India Agroforest project in economically underdeveloped tribal areas, Thane 4,909 EUR
GWEFODE Uganda Rain water storage and garden development for women 5,000 EUR

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