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HAND IN HAND fund supports projects of hope

In the first half of 2021 the fund approves almost 100,000 Euro for eco-social initiatives

From Haiti to Congo and the Philippines: the HAND IN HAND fund supports 20 eco-social projects in the first half of 2021 with a total of 95,700 Euro. With the fund, the organic pioneer Rapunzel Naturkost GmbH and the German Environmental Aid (DUH) jointly support projects in Africa, South and Central America and in Asia. 

The recently approved projects focus on climate change issues, organic peasant farming , bee keeping and solar energy. But also educational activities for marginalized groups, the establishment of microcredit systems and the promotion of biodiversity can be found among the funded projects.

The HAND IN HAND fund has been existing since 1998 as a joint initiative of Rapunzel Naturkost and the German Environmental Aid (DUH). The fund developed from Rapunzel's fair-trade HAND IN HAND program. Until today, the organic food pioneer donates most of the fund money. In the meantime, the HAND IN HAND fund now looks back on more than 20 successful years. Since the fund was initiated, more than 1.9 million Euro went to 428 projects in 64 different countries.

From left to right: Leonhard Wilhelm, Gila Kriegisch, Michael Hadamczik, Erika Blank, Joseph Wilhelm, Holger Epp, Jutta Kochendörfer.
From left to right: Leonhard Wilhelm, Gila Kriegisch, Michael Hadamczik, Erika Blank, Joseph Wilhelm, Holger Epp, Jutta Kochendörfer.
From left to right: Leonhard Wilhelm, Gila Kriegisch, Michael Hadamczik, Erika Blank, Joseph Wilhelm, Holger Epp, Jutta Kochendörfer.

Projects of hope

Climate resilience: future-proof organic agriculture in the municipality, Malawi

Most of the people in Malawi rely on small-scale, self-sufficient farming. But their livelihoods are threatened by extreme weather events due to climate change and the dependance on international seed companies.

In the district of Mazdi (central Malawi) the NGO Youth for Environment and Sustainable Development (YSD) cooperates with community members in the establishment of five demonstration farms. There, about one hundred peasants receive training in organic agriculture. The project focuses on farming methods that are resilient to climate change and on high-quality, traditional seeds. The HAND IN HAND fund finances the training methods with 5,000 Euro. 

Rainforest: beekeeping provides income and protects ecosystems, Bolivia

The Italian AVEPROBI organization supports beekeepers from indigenous farming communities in the Amazon Basin against rainforest overexploitation. The project combines income generation with species and forest protection. At the same time, the beekeeping is part of a bigger program that supports sustainable forest use and organic agriculture. The HAND IN HAND fund supports the training and the purchase of beekeeping equipment with 5,000 Euro.  

Promotion of women: access to distance learning for marginalized girls, Nepal

Street Child Deutschland e.V. facilitates access to education for children in the poorest regions of the world. For girls from the disadvantaged Musahar population in Nepal, education is the only possibility to free themselves from lifelong debt bondage. During the Covid pandemic, the NGO established cost-effective distance learning via bluetooth speakers in order to guarantee continued teaching. Subsequently, the girls are integrated in local schools and are supported during their first steps into employment. The HAND IN HAND fund supports this project with 5,000 Euro.

Funded projects 2021 (1st half of the year)

Project Country Description Funded sum
AVEPROBI Bolivia Supporting young beekeepers as a contribution to rainforest protection 5,000 EUR
Meli Bees Network gUG Brazil Protection of the native  Amazon bees 5,000 EUR
LOVE FOR LIFE e.V. Costa Rica Covid crisis aid for the Mitume slums 5,000 EUR
action five e.V. Haiti Organic vegetable and fruit cultivation  5,000 EUR
YSD Malawi Climate resilient organic agriculture in the Madzi municipality 5,000 EUR
Sister of St. Therese of the Child Jesus Tanzania Organic farming for Hekima Girls School food security  8,400 EUR
Sister of St. Therese of the Child Jesus Tanzania Cultivation of organic sunflowers for food security of female students  5,000 EUR
Partnerschaftsverein Hamburg-Iguazú e.V. Argentina Installation of a photovoltaic plant in the Capiovi technical college 2,400 EUR
Faso Solidarität e.V. Burkina Faso Cereal mill for Fatin village  5,000 EUR
Turtle Foundation Cape Verde Protection of sea turtles: maintenance of the Boa Esperanca beach camp 5,000 EUR
Street Child Deutschland e.V. Nepal Access to distance learning for 300 Musahar girls 5,000 EUR
REAP Uganda Apiculture: training and income generation 5,000 EUR
Freundeskreis Inti Ayllus Bolivienhilfe e.V. Bolivia Photovoltaic plant for farmers in Ayopaya 5,000 EUR
Aktion Lebensträume e.V. China Financing yaks for nuns from the Thoesamling Monastary (Tibet) 5,000 EUR
OPDE Congo Solar power for the „La Charité“ rooming house in the town of Uvira 3,800 EUR
Little Hope e.V. Nepal Long-term income through organic vegetable farming 5,000 EUR
Eine-Welt-Haus e.V. Nicaragua Alternatives for food production and food security in the wake of hurricanes 5,000 EUR
inner vision e.V. Philippines Introduction of the Natural Farming System (NFS) 5,000 EUR
IRUDI Uganda Coastal protection through bamboo plantations, Kuruhe river 1,100 EUR
Group of Refugees Without Voice South Africa Income generation for displaced women 5,000 EUR

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