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Organic-Fair Farming HAND IN HAND-Partner

Macadamia – hard shell, fair core

HAND IN HAND partner LIMBUA is the interface to more than 7,000 African peasants

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The fastidious cultivation, the work-intense processing and its unique taste make the macadamia nut one of the most valuable nut varieties of the world. Rapunzel sources its organic and fair-trade macadamia nuts from the Kenyan highland in the foothills of the mighty Mount Kenya. 

LIMBUA, a local social enterprise, markets and processes the peasants' organic nuts. LIMBUA tries to find solutions for social challenges through innovative entrepreneurial concepts.

Company owner Matti Spiecker explains that "a trip around the world to social entrepreneurs that I took during my studies to 25 different countries in Asia, Latin America and Africa inspired me to establish an organization with a high degree of meaning and purpose". 

In 2006, he therefore founded LIMBUA together with his Kenyan partner Anthony Ngondi. Translated, LIMBUA means "good harvest". 
Macadamia nut
Macadamia nut
LIMBUA in brief
  • Social enterprise with more than 700 employees
  • Processing and export of organic macadamia nuts from the Kenyan highland 
  • Cooperation with more than 7,000 peasants, cultivation of organic macadamia nuts in mixed culture in the Embu and Kirinyaga regions 
  • Founded in 2006, cooperation with Rapunzel since 2018, HAND IN HAND partner since 2020

Mixed culture at Mount Kenya

The processing – creation of local value

LIMBUA's achievements as social enterprise

The LIMBUA project also includes a non-profit foundation that focuses on the improvement of the life quality of the local people. The foundation concentrates the educative acitvities of LIMBUA in Kenya in order to promote sustainable knowledge and experience in global supply chains. To this end, the LIMBUA foundation organizes partnerships with local schools and universities as well as training programs for peasants.

With social projects such as the 'WELT:KLASSE foundation' and the educative program "macadamiafans", LIMBUA also makes an important contribution to intercultural understanding between peoples. In these projects, young people from Germany get to spend several weeks in Kenya where they are trained to later sell macadamia nuts in their schools. Through this opportunity, they experience how global food supply chains can be developed sustainably. 

HAND IN HAND products

Macadamia cream HAND IN HAND
Macadamia cream HAND IN HAND
Macadamia nuts roasted, salted
Macadamia nuts roasted, salted

Recipes with fair HAND IN HAND-Macadamia Nuts

Colorful Breakfast Toast
Colorful Breakfast Toast

Brioche with macadamia filling
Brioche with macadamia filling


Fair trade and organic farming are central for Rapunzel

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