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Samba crunchy

Start the day with Samba Crunchy! 50 % aromatically roasted hazelnuts let the hazelnut-lover"s heart beat faster. Blended with fine cocoa, whole milk from the Allgäu and valuable Rapadura whole cane sugar the hazelnuts are processed into Samba Crunchy. A dash of genuine Bourbon vanilla rounds off the taste. With crisply roasted hazelnut chunks for the extra crunch!

HAZELNUTS* (43,00%), Sugar* (whole cane sugar*, cane sugar*), palm oil*, whole MILK powder*, HAZELNUT PIECES* (7,00%), low fat cocoa powder* (4,00%), Bourbon vanilla*
* = ingredients from organic farming
** = ingredients from organic farming

with an extra portion of crispy hazelnut chunks, total of 50% hazelnuts, with whole cane sugar Rapadura and cane sugar Cristallino, produced in-house by Rapunzel

Enjoy on bread, use for desserts, pastry filling or indulge eating "pure" directly out of the glass!

Additional information

Freshly roasted hazelnuts are combined with exquisite cocoa, whole milk from the Allgäu and other ingredients to a melt-in-the-mouth cream. The cream is rounded off with a pinch of genuine Bourbon vanilla.

Produced in

Country of origin
EU Landwirtschaft / Nicht EU Landwirtschaft

Origin of the main ingredients
Diverse Länder

Storage advice
The consistency depends on the ambient temperature. For a creamy consistency store at room temperature, for a firmer consistency store in the fridge

Nutritional values

referred to 100g

Calorific value   2541 kJ / 612 kcal
Fat   47,80 g
of which saturates   10,40 g
Carbohydrates   31,9 g
Sugar   31,1 g
Dietary fiber   6,0 g
Protein   10,60 g
Salt   0,090 g

Vitamins & Minerals

related to 100g (% of reference values)

Vitamin E   12,20 mg (102%)
Calcium   189 mg (24%)
Magnesium   103 mg (27%)


Eggs and products thereof   not contained
Peanuts and products thereof   Possible in traces
Fish and products thereof   not contained
Cereals containing gluten or cereal products   not contained
Crustaceans and products thereof   not contained
Milk and products thereof including lactose   contained
Lupins and products thereof   Possible in traces
Nuts and products thereof   contained
Celery and products thereof   not contained
Mustard and products thereof   not contained
Sesame seeds and products thereof   Possible in traces
Soy and products thereof   not contained
Sulfur dioxide or sulfites
(more than 10mg/kg or 10 mg/l SO2)
Molluscs and products thereof   not contained

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