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Turmeric Coconut Cake


Cake ground:
Soak dates for an hour. Combine soaked dates, almonds and almond butter and mix in a food processor. Fold puffed quinoa in. Press the mixture onto bottom of an 18 cm diameter cake tin.

Peel sweet potatoes and cook until soft. Puree all ingredients (except cranberries) in a food processor and mix till smooth, fold cranberries under. Transfer the filling on top of the bottom layer and cool for 2 hours.

Mix all ingredients for the topping in a small bowl and spread over cake. Cool again for 30 minutes.

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201140 Californian almonds
130100 Almond butter
1433235 Cocoa powder, low fat, HAND IN HAND
402060 Whole grain quinoa popped, HAND IN HAND
313200 Cranberries
1906210 Coconut milk

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