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Packaging – too good for the garbage

Upcycling ideas for Rapunzel packages

[10.03.21]  Saving packaging material - is the watchword of our times. Often, however, packages are unavoidable for the protection of our valuable food products. The participants of our upcycling lottery proved that packages must not be necessarily always thrown away. An empty almond cream jar became a pin jar or tin cans were used for the construction of an insect hotel.

A definition of upcycling: apparent waste gets transformed and generates an added value after having been used for its original purpose. Upcycling requires a little manual dexterity, hardly any effort or additional material. Self-made, upcycled products help to protect the environment and your wallet.

Get inspired by the best upcycling ideas from Rapunzel staff and our customers.

Upcycling ideas from Rapunzel employees

Streamer made from Rapunzel nut snacks

Organizing a birthday party or decorating a child's room: this streamer inspires everyone. As long as the streamer is protected from wind and weather, you can also put this eye-catcher on your terrace.

This is how it's done:
  1. Draw an isosceles triangle with 15.5 cm side length on a piece of paper und cut out as a template. 
  2. For the streamer you need a package from Rapunzel nut snacks. The welding seam of the package should be on the back side. Cut off flush.
  3. Immediately eat the contents or save for later.
  4. Cut off upper welding seam, paying attention not to destroy the tear-off tab.
  5. Cut from the slit on the back side of the package to the lower welding seam to the edge on the right and on the left side. Now you can open the back side of the package.
  6. Clean the inner foil, put on the template and cut out a pennant.
  7. Repeat steps 1 through 6 until you have as many pennants as you want.
  8. Using a sowing machine attach pennants to a bias binding.

Hanging flowerpot made from tin cans 

Tin cans are perfect for keeping things, but also great for plants - especially if the tin can is nicely decorated. You can paint the can or glue driftwood or other natural materials onto the tin can. The fastest and easiest is to cover the can with a printed adhesive film (washi tape).

This it how it's done:

With a cordless screwdriver carefully drill two small holes on opposite sides of the can. Decorate the tin can, making sure not to cover the two holes. Thread a cord through the holes and knot to a loop. Fill can with soil and put a plant into the tin can.

Permagarden in a Jumbo Samba jar

You want to bring the garden into your appartment or you lack a green thumb? Then you should try the miniature ecosystem in a jar. In the jar, your garden will prosper autonomously - without watering, fertilizing nor any additional care.

This is how it's done:

Put some pebbles into an empty jar and add planting soil until half-full. Add moss, different plants (e.g. succulents), an empty snail shell or a small piece of wood creating your own landscape. Add some water, close the lid tightly and keep jar closed. 

Country house lantern 

Candles shine beautifully in these self-made lanterns. A filigree ribbon creates a wonderful play of light. Depending on the candle size, you could use either empty nut spread, coconut oil or antipasti jars. Lovingly decorated jars are also great as vases.

This is how it's done:

Glue a wide jute ribbon onto the jar and decorate with white ribbon lace.

Ideas from the winners of the upcycling lottery

Pin cushion

Very practical and decorative: this upcycling project by Johanna R. can be used as pin cushion or as storage jar for sowing materials. 
Decorative jar

Bringing life to an empty jar on a whim - in this example with a self-made owl by Melanie F. 
Advent wreath

An unusual advent wreath with individually decorated tin cans. This advent wreath accompanies Mirjam K. during the Christmas Season. 
Insect hotel

For garden insects, Dagmar L. lovingly prepared this nesting and hibernation aid with tin cans. 

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