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Organic-Fair Farming HAND IN HAND-Partner

Hero coffee from Mexico

HAND IN HAND partner Café Capitán
The Café Capitán cooperative supplies Rapunzel with Arabica green coffee as part of the HAND IN HAND programme. The cooperative was founded in 2018. Its goal is to improve the living conditions of farming families through the production of sustainable coffee and other products, while protecting the environment and nature.  The cooperative has its name from the village in which the farmers live: Capitán Luis Angel Vidal. It is situated in the hills of the “Reserva el Triunfo” nature reserve at 1,200 metres.
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The commitment of the cooperative is made possible through fair coffee prices. However, with HAND IN HAND, Rapunzel's proprietary and externally certified fair-trade program, Rapunzel guarantees more than only fair compensation. HAND IN HAND also stands for personal contact at eye level, long-term cooperation and the support of social projects as well as excellent organic quality. This also applies to the procurement of Arabica coffee from Café Capitán strong-tasting coffee with subtle notes of cocoa and roasted nuts.

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Café Capitán in brief
  • Small peasant cooperative in Chiapas, Southern Mexico
  • 344 members
  • Founded in 2018
  • Cultivation of Arabica coffee in the “Reserva el Triunfo” biosphere reserve
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The beauty of this place is impressive, the mountains are almost 2,000 metres high and, depending on the altitude, covered with a great variety of trees as well as an overall high level of biodiversity.

The farmers' families are driven by the vision of becoming one of the leading cooperatives for sustainable coffee and improving the small coffee farmers’ incomes through high-quality coffee, thereby improving their standard of living and the educational opportunities for their children. For the farmers, it is a matter of course that coffee is grown harmony with nature.

The high-quality Arabica coffee grows in mixed cultivation at altitudes of up to 1,850 metres. The cooperative has succeeded in preserving the reserve and protecting endangered species.
Café Capitán

© Café Capitán
Café Capitán

© Café Capitán
Hero coffee Mexico, whole beans HAND IN HAND
Hero coffee Mexico, whole beans HAND IN HAND
The cooperative members are supported and advised in matters regarding organic cultivation through further training. They receive technical assistance and the necessary tools.

The cooperative runs a community greenhouse with 120,000 different plants. They also grow avocados, peaches and other fruits for self sustenance in the agroforestry system.

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Getting known to our Coffee Heros
Getting known to our Coffee Heros

Fair trade and organic farming are central for Rapunzel

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