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Simmer the amaranth and oatmeal with the oatmilk and water for about 30 min. Whilst stirring stir again. Add the tonka bean, the salt and the maple syrup and allow to swell for another 5 min. until creamy. Meanwhile, wash the apple and cut it into small pieces. Wash the grapes and pluck from the panicles.

Coarsely chop the almond (if necessary roast briefly, then more almond aroma unfolds). Put the porridge in bowls and sprinkle with the fruit and almonds. If necessary, add a little more maple syrup.

Very tasty also with Rapunzel almond-coconut-date cream to taste. You can soak the amaranth over night. Then the cooking time is shortened by about 10 min.

Tip: Very delicious with Rapunzel coconut and almond butter with date.


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