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Chick peas flour tofu


Combine the chick peas flour with 250 ml water and herb salt in a large bowl and mix well. Grease the baking tray with the coconut oil and set aside.

Bring the remaining 200 ml of water to a boil and add half a cube of vegetable stock. Now slowly stir in the chickpea mixture and lower the temperature to a slight simmer.

Allow the mixture to thicken for 5 minutes, stir constantly. Once the mixture is thick, immediately pour into the prepared baking pan and refrigerate for at least one hour. The longer you let it cool the firmer the tofu becomes. Then remove the tofu block from the baking tray and cut into desired pieces.

Tip: The chickpea tofu can replace traditional tofu in all your favorite recipes. The chickpea tofu tastes great on salads, or can also be lightly pan fried and makes a nice addition to curry and co.


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