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Mediterranean diversity 

Olive oil with character
Since millenia, there have been myths and stories about the gnarled olive tree, its fruits and the oil that is produced from them. Since the beginning of time, the inhabitants of the Mediterranean region have associated indulgence, joy of life and health with olives. Olive oil is used in cosmetics, in medicinal products and especially for a healthy lifestyle. The acclaimed traditional Mediterranean kitchen would be unthinkable without olive oil. Olive oil is a versatile companion for many dishes and is also used for steaming and frying at temperatures up to 180°C. 
Enjoying diversity

Olive oil flavor is extremely diverse. The flavor is affected by the climate, the soil, the region and the respective location of the olive grove as well as by the olive variety - there are more than 150 different olive varieties. Olive oil flavor ranges from bitter, fresh, fruity, mild, green, strong or scratchy all the way to herbal tastes. Discover the broad variety of delicate olive oil specialties. Depending on the cultivation area and the variety, every olive oil has its particular character. 
Olive oil has a high content of monounsaturated oleic acid and different polyphenol compounds that contribute to the protection of blood lipids from oxidative stress. 
Gourmets prefer young, freshly pressed oil with a distinct aroma, a certain pungency, bitterness and a slight roughness. Oils that are made with mild olives also have extra virgin quality, but have a less pronounced aroma. During storage, every olive oil is losing its pungency and gets milder. 
We know exactly where all of our olive oils come from: we entertain long-term, personal supplier relations with all our olive growers. We regularly visit all our olive growers and are therefore familiar with local conditions and have access to first-hand information. This also has positive effects on the quality of Rapunzel olive oils: transparency - from the olive grove all the way to your table. 
Careful harvest and gentle pressing

Olives are harvested from October through February. Our olive growers carefully chose the best time of harvest in order to produce best quality olive oil. The fruit are manually picked and transported immediately to nearby oil mills. This labor-intense time requires a lot of expertise.  

In the mill, the olives are washed, crushed and pressed. All Rapunzel olive oils are processed at a maximum temperature of 30 °C. Subsequently, olive oil and olive waters are separated from each other through centrifugation. In the next step, the olive pulp is filtered out from the oil. 

Rapunzel olive oils

Polyphenolia olive oil, extra virgin

green, pungent, full of character, with an extraordinarily high polyphenol concentration - 500 mg/kg 

Polyphenolia is a fruity, extra virgin olive oil that is full of character and has intense green notes. The high polyphenol content gives the oil a distinct pungency and delicate bitterness. At the same time, these properties are quality markers for a top quality olive oil. The oil is made with young, green olives that come from one of the oldest Italian olive groves.  

During the processing of Polyphenolia, we put our special focus on the conservation of the valuable polyphenols. Olive oil polyphenols contribute to the protection of blood lipids from oxidative stress. The positive health effects require a daily uptake of 20g olive oil. With Polyphenolia olive oil, only 10g (1-2 tablespoon) are needed. 
  • ideal for the cold kitchen
  • refines fresh salads, vegetable and mediterranean dishes 
  • polyphenols are heat-sensitive. Please add oil after cooking 

Olive oil fruity, extra virgin

fruity flavor with a fresh, lightly grassy note 

This extra virgin olive oil is made with sun-ripened olives and has a fruity flavor. It is the perfect oil for almost all dishes and the Mediterranean kitchen. Thanks to its high content of unsaturated fatty acids (86 g / 100 g), it makes an important contribution to a healthy diet.   
  • for steaming, cooking or frying and for salads
  • perfect for spaghetti aglio e olio
  • for Italian omelette 
  • great for marinating of vegetables

Olive oil mild, extra virgin

smooth and mild flavor

This extra virgin olive oil is made with selected, especially mild olves that are cultivated in Tunisia. Its unobstrusive, fruity aroma accentuates the taste of your dishes without being too dominant.  
  • particularly mild, ideal for families or olive oil beginners
  • for mild salad dressings
  • great with steamed vegetable
  • for marinades

Olive oil Manira, extra virgin

medium fruity

The single-variety, pure Manira olive oil made from Koroneiki olives belongs to the most popular Greek olive oils. Peasant farmers from the Peloponnese regions have been cultivating the olives for this oil since 1995. Manira olive oil has a mild fruity taste and smells of fruity greens, giving all meals a fresh note. 
  • for steaming, cooking and frying
  • for fruity salads 
  • perfect for marinating of peppers
  • for Greek salad
  • enjoy with feta cheese and white bread 

Olive oil Crete P.G.I., extra virgin

fruity and full of character

The 100 percent pure, single-variety Crete olive oil P.G.I. (protected geographical indication) with its monounsaturated oleic acid is great for a healthy diet. Olive oil is the central element of the Cretian diet. For Crete island residents, olive oil is the fountain of youth and has been considered as "liquid gold" for thousands of years. The Crete olive oil has a fruity and characterful aroma.  
  • especially well-suited for salads and antipasti
  • for the light Mediterranean kitchen

Olive oil Sicilia DOP, extra virgin

pleasantly fruity

This extra virgin olive oil from the Val di Mazara region in Sicily has a wonderful, intense smell. Traditional cultivation and gentle processing give this olive oil a strong and fruity aroma. Many Sicilians attribute their old age to the positive health affects of olive oil. In the sophisticated gourmet kitchen, the oil is used in many different ways thanks to its exquisite flavor. DOP guarantees the protected geographical indication. 
  • for fried Oyster mushrooms
  • for potatoes with rosemary
  • enjoy pure on bread

Finca la Torre, extra virgin

punchy and full-bodied 

This high-quality, pure demeter olive oil is made from 100 percent Hojiblanca olives. The Finca la Torre olive grove is located in the heart of Andalusia (Spain) between two nature reserves. The fruity, punchy flavor with a hint of fresh herbs harmonizes perfectly with Spanish dishes. Its excellent quality has already been awarded several times, e.g. by the "Feinschmecker" magazine. 
  • gives sauces and tapenades an Andalusian character
  • for salads

Citrolive olive oil with lemon, extra virgin

fresh and citrony

For this seasoning oil, the olives are gently pressed with lemons without any external heating. The flavoring agents of the fresh lemons are absorbed by the olive oil, resulting in a citrony-fresh flavor combination. Citrolive oil is very rich: only a few drops are enough in order to flavor meals with a breath of lemon. Add oil only after cooking as the essential lemon oil is very sensitive.  
  • for dips or in herb curd and/or lemon curd
  • for grilled fish
  • use for the refinement of fresh tomato soups
  • great for cakes and desserts
  • for fruit salad

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Polyphenols: natural protection for olive oil and for your body

The health-promoting effects of olive oil are espacially caused by phenolic compounds, which are called "polyphenols". They protect the oil from rancidity, the body against free radicals and the blood lipids against oxidative stress. Strong, green-fruity olive oils are polyphenols-rich and have a bitter and pungent taste.  

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Olive oil Crete: how quality is made

An idyll on the mountain nearby the town of Chania on Crete. Many steps are needed to produce the best quality of the olive oil crete. From the right time and cool temperatures in the mill to the bottling process – many small intermediate steps and a lot of diligence are needed. 

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